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The Peoples Republic of Oakland!

In August, 1969, I returned from Southeast Asia. I had to go through San Francisco International Airport to get home with a few other GI's. I do believe that the airport is in Oakland. As I walked into the terminal, wearing my Uniform, I had to pass by a group of men and women holding placards welcoming us home with such endearing epithets as "Baby Killers" and "Murdering Scum". 

There was a Police contingent there trying to keep order. I took a sergeant aside and asked him if they could all go and get some coffee for about 10 minutes,  "I'll Pay".  The Sergeant just smiled, put his arm around my shoulder and said --"Son, I just wish I could".

Well these morons are at it again. Young GI's coming home from the Middle East are being treated like trash again. It appears that they cannot be trusted to deplane in SFO for a quick cup of coffee

When do we get the chance to tell these ignorant cowards what we think of them?

With sincere thanks to Michelle Malkin!