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I guess I need to get the discussion back on track

Both Anonymous and I are Jews. I would classify us as modern Orthodox. We believe in validity of the Tanach - or it's equivalent, The Old Testament. I personally believe in the Miracle of Mt. Sanai. As Jews we do not believe in the Divinity of Christ. Many of my closest friends have different beliefs. Most Jews do not believe in the Miracle of Mt. Sinai. Most Christians believe in the Divinity of Christ. However to get to the point,since the reformation we have agreed to disagree. We do not kill people who believe differently than we do. As a Jew I have no doubt that Christians have the same opportunity of Divine Judgment as I do.

The point I was trying to make is that there is a large group of people who will kill non-believers. This attitude bothers me deeply. The Islamists do not allow others to disagree. I personally welcome disagreement.

As our Judeo-Christian philosophy tells us. We are encourage to search for the truth. My friends Sandi and BobG are very sincere in their beliefs. This makes me happy. I am also confident that neither of them will harm those who do not follow their beliefs.

The Islamist movement is a resurgent attack on our western system of beliefs. If they get control we will no longer have the freedom to debate and learn from each other. Unfortunately there are members of the American Left Wing who delight in shouting down those who disagree with them. These are the same people who abused me and my brothers when we came how from Vietnam. They are led by John Kerry, Harry Reid and their ilk. Their followers will not allow free and open discussion

This blog is intended as a place where all belief systems are welcome. Lets all keep the disagreement civil.

I DO welcome you all! Really! (even OSO) (LOL)