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OK, lets see if I understand this? We are engaged in a war. People are losing their homes. a madman is in the White House sneaking tin cans and string into our houses, yet the left is a-twitter about the possibility of Ann Coulter getting a "Breast Enhancement"?

The bumper stickers on cars now proudly proclaim "Support the Troops, Bring them home". I guess that someone finally understood the total stupidity of abusing GI's and is trying to use them as pawns. I notice the same folks who I had to walk past in San francisco Airport now want to insure the safety of the GI's.

Ann Coulter - of Boobjob fame is acussed of using the "F-word" against John "pretty-boy" Edwards. Hey she said Fag, not Fuck. And she alluded to it, not called him it. She also quoted Bill Mahr. She did not wish Edwards dead from a terrorist attack.

So if you attack a political columnist you can avoid getting involved in the sticky concept of addressing real problems. You can also try to use GI's as props.

About Ann Coulters body mods "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" , she upsets people, annoys people and even forces some of the to Think!

Go Ann Go!