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I'm a Vietnam Vet, Retired Mainframe Programmer, Retired College Adjunct Teacher, Published Author, Adult Boy Scout Leader, Republican, Jewish, married with two magnificent grown kids.

How dare you disagree with me!

As a Jew I have a few philosophic disagreements with Christianity. I have no doubt that many Christians have philosophic disagreements with me. I frequently disagree with the political left. I have no doubt that many on the left disagree with me. One grows and learns by discussing these issues. I find the act of calling for Christians or Leftists death quite abhorant.

Yet many of the Islamists feel that they have the right to silence any disagreement, in any way possible. My instinctive reaction to this is a question. Is their faith so shallow that they cannot discuss it with others?

The German national poet, Heinreich Heine, who while Christian was born Jewish, said

Where books are burned, soon people will be burned.
He said this well in advance of Hitler.

Free and open exchange of information is vital and cannot be suppressed. I demand the right to disagree with you. I also demand your right to disagree with me.