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Denver, Colorado, United States
I'm a Vietnam Vet, Retired Mainframe Programmer, Retired College Adjunct Teacher, Published Author, Adult Boy Scout Leader, Republican, Jewish, married with two magnificent grown kids.


L'Chaim - To Life

I live in an "Active Retired" community called Windsor Gardens, here in Denver. The community has been around for over 40 years. The grounds are kept magnificently. We have flower beds, manicured lawns and trees. The trees are large and mature, however some of them are quite old and need to be replaced.

Last year a big old tree had to be removed. It was cut down to a stump and left for a while. After a few days the stump started to show life. Branches started emerging from the "Dead Stump". Life continued. Soon they removed the stump, re-sodded the ground and that tree was forgotten. However I was touched by the way that this tree clung to life.

A couple of weeks ago the process was repeated. An old tree was cut down to a stump. I looked at the stump other day. The tree was clinging to life.