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On Imus

I find Imus beneath contempt. However this is not anything new - I hold Imus, Howie Stern and their ilk all beneath contempt. However I am far more upset by the Jackson's etc demanding "Justice". You remember Jesse Jackson? He called new york Hymietown?

What really upsets me is the "new" concept that the left seems to have mastered - If you disagree with them then you do not have the right to express your opinions.

I do believe that is a part of the constitution that they are trampeling? If a conservative voice appears at your campus to speak, Shout him down or throw a pie in her face. If a foolish "Shock Jock" makes a dumb Statement - start picketing and demand that he be fired.


I have this device that I can use in my home to quiet these voices - it's called the remote. I have the right not to listen to Stern, Imus or Jackson. I do not have the right to prevent you from listening to them.

If one of these morons say something that elicits violence - deal with it the American Way -- "Give him a fair trial and hang him in the public Square" [Just joking -- Really]