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Lies and damn lies

Appparently if you state a lie as the truth you are entitled to make a specious argument based upon. Lets look at some of these Lies.

The Bible allows slavery.
The Bible was the first major work that put limits on slavery. Slave holders had to follow some basic laws of humanity towards their slaves and free them after 7 years.

George Washington was an irrevalent slave-owning bigot.
Washington left a wealth of information behind. Much of this was contained in letters that he exchanged with his friends. He forsaw the Civil war and the death of slavery. He said "When it comes I will once again don my uniform and fight against my beloved Virginia". He created the Presidency and had the courage and confidence tohave Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson in his cabinet.

And more recently
The Tet offensive was a major loss for the US in Vietnam.
Inspite of what Walter Cronkite said the Tet offensive was a major defeat for the Vietcong. After the Tet offensive in 1968 The Vietcong's effectiveness as a fighting force was destroyed. The North Vietnamese Army (NVA) carried the rest of the war with major help from the Chinese.

We could never win a ground was in Asia and we lost the war in VIetnam
Well, we decisively won the war in VIetnam militarily. Inspite of the cowardice and traiterous antics of people such as Jane Fonda, Walter Kronkite and John Kerry, we forced the North Vietnamese to the peace table. After our withdrawal we committed to return if North Vietnam invaded. When they did invade, Congress refused to grant the money for our military to uphold our word as a nation.

Oh yes, the Domino Theory was disproven.
Ask the South Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, the Boat People and all of the Islamists that felt we were a paper tiger and did not have the guts to fight a war.

For the record I think that Kronkite, Fonda, Kerry and Reid are traitors and should be in a federal facility.

Now the current lies:

Saddam Hussain was no threat to the US.
He gave over $10,000 to the families of the Suicide bombers.
He used WMD's against Iran
He used WMD's against the Kurds
If it wasn't for the Israeli Airforce he would have had nukes. He used whatever weaponry he had.
He was a power-mad insane man in the manner of Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot. He wanted to control the mideast. He would have thrown us into a much more horrible situation if he had the ability.

There were no WMD's
OK, How about the Chlorine that the Islamists are loading into bombs - where did they get it? Weaponised Chlorine is a weapon of mass destruction. They got it from shells that Saddam had left behind.
He may not have had WMD's at his disposal at the moment, he was given an immense amount of time to get rid of what he had. But it is obvious that he was trying to rebuild his nuclear program.

There is a Civil War going on and we do not belong there.
Yes - lets get out and let Iran control most of the worlds oil. Yes the President probably made some mistakes, However going to Iraq was not one of them.

We need to fight a more humane war.
This is stupidity at its most increduluous. You win a war by insuring that your enemy does not want to continue. The faster and more brutally you do that, the fewer people die.

Our soldiers are the finest that the world has ever produced. There are occasional evil actions taken by Americans - These people are tried and punished. G-d Bless the American Military