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Is the sun rising or setting?

If I remember correctly, the story goes that when the Constitutional Convention was drawing to a close, Benjamin Franklin observed the back of the Presidents, chair showed what was apparently a half Sun. Franklin commented about whether this was a rising or setting Sun. His observation was that the Sun was rising over a new nation.

The House is now under Democratic control. Neither party has control of the Senate, nor has either party had control for a long time. The Senate President Pro-tem will be a Dem however it still takes 60 Senators to get a vote on anything. Nothing has changed in the senate.

There are major challenges for both Ms. Pelosi and us, however.

The new Speaker must bury her rhetoric and move the House firmly in the nations best interest. History will tell us how well she does. We however must not yield to the impulse of petulance. The name calling and invectives must stop. When we disagree we disagree with concepts not people.

We as a nation have forgotten how to disagree. We immediately assume that any position other than ours is indicitative or the character of the person holding that opinion. In my opinion this concept is more dangerous than any other challenge that we face.

Here is my pledge. I will show the new Speaker of the House the respect due her position. If I disagree with her or her party I will emphasize the philosophical differences. I will not get dragged into the mud.

My friends, we have the opportunity to set the tone for the future of our Republic. Are we up to it?