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On war

SInce Truman we have been trying to fight wars like gentlemen. Phrases such as "Measured Response" guided us to respond to the enemy in an approriate manner. After all, was is a nasty bloody business, let's try and be nice about it.


All we have ever done with that attitude is prolong the wars and increase the havoc. If Truman and MacArthur had controlled their massive ego's and dealt with China during the Korean war, we would not have had Vietnam. If Walter Kronkite had actually understood what happened during Tet we would have ended the war so much earlier. Now we have the massive intellectual might of Rosie O'Striesand explaining how a war has to be fought, by not fighting.

I have two problems with the way the war is being fought.

1. I'm too old and feeble to get back in.
2. We ain't really fighting it.

It may sound crude, but the choice is obvious. When we go to war, we do it with a ferocity and malevalence that the enemy is forced to understand. We make sure that the enemy trembles every time they hear an airplane overhead. Mess with us and we mess you up, "real good"!

The wars will end more quickly and far fewer people will die.