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Election day memories

My grandfather used to tell me that when he was a young man, the local pols would give him a cigar and "help" him vote. In NYC there was a lever on the machine that allowed you to vote straight Democrat or Republican. My grandfather was taught to pull the Democrat lever. He did that till the day he died.

As he got older, however he would complain. No one gives him anything any more for voting. He was fed up with the whole process, they were a bunch of "bums" yet he pulled the Democrat lever every year.

He got his information from a Yiddish Language newspaper, "The Forwards" which was a socialist-slanted newspaper. The Forwards still exists, It isn't socialist any more, but it's still quite left of center. I link to it on the right. It's is well worth reading.

I've voted on every election since I voted for Richard Nixon via absentee ballot from Southeast Asia in 1968. I've voted for the Republican presidential candidate every time -- well there was the year that Ross Perot ran, but that was an abberation.

I just voted again. No one gave me a cigar, no one came into the booth to "help" me. I had to wait in line for an hour. It was worth it. I felt good!

The bottom line is: If you do not vote, then I don't want to hear your complaints. If you haven't voted yet, get off your butt and vote (unless of course you're a democrat [lol] )

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