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has anybody here read the constitution?

Al Sharpton went on record the other night with another of his political concepts -- he said that it's the job of the president to insure that every child gets an education.

So, lets turn the education of our kids over to the Federal Government. Perhaps we can have George Bush teach Speech. Teddy Kennedy can teach economics. Howard dean can teach philosophy. The idea was and is stupid. One of President Carter's foolish moves, one of many, was the establishment of the Department of Education as a seperate cabinet level post

Lets review our form of government - we are a federation of 50 states. That's 50 independant states that turn over some of their power to a federal government, not the other way around. As a parent, I should be able to get involved with my childs education. I should have the ability to join the PTA, Talk to their teachers, put my child into the school where I feel (s)he is going to get the best education. The federal governmenr does not belong in this equation.

Al Sharpton is a disgrace to his race, and by race I mean Homo Sapiens! Al, read the constitution please.