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World War n

Mr. Gingrich is calling the present state of the world as WW III. In the interest of accuracy Lets look at that claim. How do you define a world war? If you define it as a war fought on multiple continents -- Hmmmm

According to that criterion - the Trojan war, as documented by Homer, would have been WWI, It was a war between the Greeks (Europe) and Troy (Now in Turkey, or Asia) OK, that's foolish

Many people point at the Seven Years war in the early 18th century as the first global or World War. We call that war The French and Indian War. It was a truly global war, fought on both sides of the planet, and made a young man named George Washington famous.

That makes the war in the early 20th Century WWII. What we now call WWII becomes WWIII. The "Cold War" - which included such memorable incidents as Vietnam, the Berlin Blockade and the Korean War, becomes WW IV. So we are looking at WWV or World War five.

OK now that we have the specifics, with apologies to Newt, Lets look at WW 5. (Easier to understand than WWV)

Albert Einstein said:

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
Israel is fighting Hezbollah. We are arming Israel, Syria and Iran are arming Hezbollah. Europe wants Israel to settle things amicably and diplomatically. That approach sure has worked in the past. Without boring you all with the history of the region, every time that Israel has settled anything on the peace table, they have suffered heavily. Here is a list of facts!

  • Islamofascism is our enemy.
  • Islamofascism is the enemy of anyone who want to enjoy personal freedoms
  • Islamofascism is propagated by Iran, Syria and actually yes, North Korea. (North Korea invited the Iranians to watch their missile experiments. Where do you think the Hezbollah got those Chinese rockets?)
  • Islamofascism wants world domination.

Call this anything you want but one fact remains.

While the liberals in the world are looking for a hole in the sand to place their respective head, we are fighting for our lives. We need to take this World War seriously.

This is a small blog. I only get about 15 hits a day. But I beg you. Please feel free to use any of my words and add them to your own. I seek no credit. I just seek the America's continued freedom. Defense of our ally Israel is an important part of that.

God Bless these United States of America

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