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Military intelligence - still an Oxymoron?

OK, lets look at a few matters.

The New Iranian super-missile

Iran claims to have a super-missile that is invisible to radar and can hit multiple targets at once. Hmmm - I wonder if Captain Kirk is helping them.

A few thoughts here

The only missile that can avoid radar is a slow, groundhugging missile. OK if they have one - conventional radar will not pick them up. However If we put the radar in an airplane and have it look down, guess what? We seem to have plenty of these. So unless the Persians have developed a Star Trek Invisibility shield - this ain't gonna happen.

Oh yes - these slow, low flying missiles can be shot down by airplanes once our airborne radar picks them up.

Also - you can not MIRV a slow, low flying missile. Unless, that is, you can break the basic law of inertia. (MIRV having a missile hit multiple targets at once)

I wonder who the Iranian leadership is trying to impress, us or the Masses of illiterate 12th century bound folks who they plan on using as cannon fodder.

During the Iraq-Iran war - thousands of young men charged the enemy positions armed only with a small plastic key which guaranteed them admittance to heaven:

Sobhani: One quick point about Mr. Khatami that is very important to address as well. Mr. Khatami has always had high praise for the late Ayatollah Khomenei. In all his speeches, he refers to the legacy of Mr. Khomenei. Keep in mind that Mr. Khomenei allowed thousands of young men to die on land mines. They were given the key to heaven, [but] they died.

Remember the WMD issue? Well apparently the hopefully soon deceased Mr. Saddam spread the news abut his having weapons that he did not have. This was done so successfully that his own generals were surprised to find that these large stocks of Bio/chem weapons were not available. Guess what happened?

Again - who are trying trying to scare? Can anyone imagine the results of the Iranians trying to use a nuke?


Body Armor - This has become a major issue. I want you to try something - the first 90 degree day, put on a sweater, sweatshirt and two or three ovecoats. Then try and run around outside for five or six hours.

Back when Lyndon Johnson was my travel agent - I felt that mobility was my best survival tool. Let's let the grunts decide what works best for them. I guarantee that they do know a bit more about survival than our Senators and Congresmorons.

Happy April fools day, folks - and this was NOT an April fools joke