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We stole the Southwest from Mexico!

Well, maybe. Lets look at Texas. The Mexican government, led by a Napoleon-wannabe named Santa Anna invited Americans into Texas, then a part of Mexico, giving them land - the only proviso being that they convert to Catholicism and obey the laws. Most did just that. Santa Anna,however kept changing the laws that he wanted them to follow. Most of the rebels who fought for Texas freedom were --- MEXICAN! They didn't like the poster-boy for Napoleonic Syndrome either. May I remind you that when push comes to shove Texas PETITIONED to join the union?

At the risk of sounding racist - a term for anyone who looks at a situation honestly, Where would California, New Mexico and Arizona be today if they were still part of Mexico? Mexico has never been known for an example of good government - we would just have an illegal refuge problem a bit further northeast.

OK, the Mexican War (Where, btw Mexico was led by -- Guess who) was far from one of our greatest hours, but the war was in 1846-8, well over one hundred years ago. Yes, we took the southwest from Mexico, who took it from Spain, who took if from the Aztecs, who took it from the ...

So can we all stop playing the Blame Game and look at the Problem. The problem as I see it is that the Mexican Economy sucks! Lets mull that one over a bit.