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Give me your tired, your poor

We're ALL immigrant stock. Even the Native Americans came over the land bridge from Asia. So unless you're a buffalo, I repeat -- We're ALL immigrants.

That being said I find myself sitting on the horns of a dilemma.

1. Hispanic people are hard working people who value traditional morality.
2. In one or two generations the differences all seem to disappear - that happened to us European immigrants. Go to NYC, the Puerto Ricans are now mainstream.
3. They are motivated by the desire for a better life for their family.
4. One might say that it is our laws that enforce the problems with their immigration.

On the other hand
1. We are in a World War.
2. Our borders must be protected for the safety of our country.
3. In our own ignorance we are not able to differentiate between a "Brown-skinned" Mexican and a "Brown-skinned" Islamofascist.

I teach a college course at a local high school that is heavily Hispanic. The kids that I teach are nearly all the first generation in their family to attend college. They act and relate to school in much the same way as do my Anglo students in the same age group. There AINT NO Difference.

We have a history of welcoming the most recent immigration wave with disrespect.
Some Historic phrases from our history:

No Dogs or Jews Allowed
No Irish Need Apply

But as someone who grew up across the East River from Lower Manhattan, I admit to some concern.

That's my Dilemma