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I'mwatching the OSCARS and

I think my mind is turning to silly putty.

I've never watched an Oscar performance - where I really do not care to see ANY of the nominees for best picture. Wait- a Bright Spot - Dolly Parton. Ok it's over. Yawn.

It was fun watching all of the newsreaders and silly-ebraties explain why no one has seen any of the new movies? Could it be because we don't want to? If I want to feel depressed - I'll pull out my checkbook and pay bills.

Wait - another bright spot - THE highlight of Gary Cooper from the Pride of the Yankees --- OK, it's over. YAwn.

But seriously -- How much do the film companies havea to lose before they understand -- We Don't Care! Two gay shepherds hold no fascination for me! Please someone -- call me a homophobe! It's a boring topic!