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Air America

I know of two organizations with that name - One I respect deeply, although it is no longer in existence , the other I have contempt for.

Back in the olden days, a group of extremely brave men did the job that no one else wanted to do. They fought in a war that did not exist in a location that we were not in. They flew incredible missions in unbelievable aircraft and maintained state of the art equipment in places in which it was not designed to go.

I speak of Air America. They have been cheapened by bad movies and poor publicity, but they were the best around in many ways.

There is a radio network that usurped that name. I have contempt for them. They aid the enemy by devoting their attention to fallacious arguments making absurd statements that I can't believe they actually believe.

This band of morons is failing. They are losing their stations in the few markets that they have.

Michelle Malkin's column states:

"While Air America radios loss of two affiliates in Phoenix and Missoula, Montana is generating news this week, the company itself probably hasn't been able to give either city a second thought.
Why? In a development sure to rip the heart right out of the liberal radio network's already ailing body, it appears extremely likely their leased New York City flagship station WLIB-AM will soon abandon Air America programming."

Maybe there is justice in the world?