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Denmark - an example for the world

A little country has established itself as a giant in this world AGAIN.

There is a story that during the Holocaust, the Nazi's conquered Denmark. As they did in every country that they conquered the ordered all Jews to wear yellow armbands. The story goes on that on his next morning horseback ride King Christian wore a yellow armband. By noon the entire populace was wearing yellow armbands.

That story is most likely not true, but what is true is the fact that the people of Denmark risked their lives to insure that the Jews were protected and taken to safety. During World War II approximately 100 Danish Jews were killed. That is by far the best survival rate of any Nazi-Conquered nation. By the way, give credit where credit is due. Neutral Sweden accepted most of the Danish Jews.

Denmark is a little country with a lot of guts. The Viking spirit lives!

Today the entire issue of free press is being fought over Danish newspapers throughout the world. I will not even participate in the discussion about the appropriateness of the cartoons that appeared in Danish newspapers.

Freedom of the press means that we have to allow all opinions to be presented, Whether we agree with them or not.

Denmark - Thank you for your courage.

All free people are Danes today!