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The face that launched a thousand -- err -- Islamofascists?

Here is one of the Cartoons:Now compare it to this classic image of a Jew from "The Merchant of Venus"

Now I find the Hook-nosed-cheap-Jew stereotype extremely offensive. So lets all ransack the schools and libraries and burn all of the works of the Bard! Of course that is ridiculous!

Isn't it amazing that a police state that totally controls its populace as Iran and Syria do can find itself helpless against throngs of insulted people?

Am I that far off base by saying that this entire situation is a sham. Hitler blamed the Jews to explain away rampant inflation in post WWI Germany. Now the Islamofascicts are blaming the purported American-Zionist conspiracy to explain why the Muslim populace is impoverished.

Why does the country with the second largest know oil reserves in the world, Iran, have poverty? Why did $700,000,000.00 disappear in Palestine? However the great minds such as Dean and Kennedy are so concerned with hating the president that they refuse to see that our society is fighting for its life.

And that is my opinion!