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Information that you cannot live without

With all of the travails going on today, I'm glad that we can keep track of the TRULY important items:

1. Britney Spears made Mr. Blackwells Worst Dressed list.
2. A girl got Bird Flu after kissing her chicken!
3. Tony Blair spanks his kids
4. Jack Abramoff buys his hats in Brooklyn
5. A dad in Australia got stuck in his sisters washing machine
6. Science has figured out how bees fly - using, among other things, a robot Bee
7. Cindy Sheehan is writing her memoirs. Think she's using crayolas and a Big Chief Tablet?
8. The Great metropolis of Ouidah, Benin is celebrating Voodoo Day
9. Levi Strauss is making Ipod ready

10. Oh yeah - Iran is resuming work on building nukes