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More secret CIA prisons found!

It has come to my attention that there are CIA prisons secretly installed in Brooklyn. While I have no proof of this, I offer the following as evidence

1. To my knowledge, The Secretary of State has Not been in Broolyn in the past month.
2. Many people in this country consider Brooklyn a foreign country.
3. Brooklyn is ethnically diverse, yet consistantly votes democrat.
4. There are Lots of bugs in brooklyn.'
5. I took that latest NY Times article about the war and extracted the 4th letter of the second line of each paragraph and the result was the word


By doing a simple algorithmic analysis and replacement on this word, I was able to extract either the word Brooklyn, or the phrase "Chicken Fat" Obviously proof of my statement.

Backwards, Chicken fat is TAFNECIHK Which is an anagram of the word Tafnichek, Which is a word in a unique little known Russian dialectic for George W. Bush.

I mean - How much proof do we need?