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What have you done for me today, Mr. Bush?

It's fascinating watching the Republican party, My Party, pull defeat out of the jaws of victory.

If the President does not follow the conservative line on anything - he is villified by those whop should be supporting him. People who I like and admire such as Laura Ingraham are "dissing" him over the SCOTUS nomination as if he has turned into a Texan Teddy Kennedy.

Yes we can disagree, but have we forgotten that we are supposed to be a party which welcomes all opinions, as long as they are not destructive?

The '06 elections are coming up. We need to make sure that we maintain control over congress. We need to let all of the folks in the middle that we are more reasonable than the Deaniacs. We need to stand by Mr. DeLay.

If we continue to self-destruct we are welcoming a Hillary Clinton presidency! I don't know about you, but the though of that really bothers me.