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In Praise of Jimmy Carter

For decades when asked: "Who was the worst President in American History" there was some difficulty - Grant's administration was plagued by the Teapot Dome scandal, Other presidents who are just names to me were dirty, ignorant and fairly stupid. However, thanks to Jimmy Carter - The confusion is over.

Let's see - What did the man from Plains do? Double Digit inflation? High unemployment? Massively poor foreign policy? When Carter took office, the far right wing of the Muslim world had been held under control since their abortive attempt at taking taking Vienna in 1683. Under carter's watchfull eye - the Ayotollahs took control. Under his stalwart military leadership, we tried to rescue our hostages with a totally under-manned - under equiped abortive rescue attempt. Yet Perot actually pulled off a rescue of his own men when Carter failed. He was given the Nobel Peace Prize, yet Anwar Sadat complained that the peace settlement gave the Soviets incentive to get involved in the Middle East.

Now this fool is sitting in foreign capitols demeaning our government, our military and our people! He should be ashamed of himself! The US Navy named an attack sub after him. The former Commander in Chief, a former Sub man, went on a dive. By the way - according to what I've read, Admiral Rickover, the father of our nuclear submarine fleet - insisted that Carter be passed over for promotion, terminating his military career.

Who was the worst president in US history. James Earl Carter!