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Apologize? Hell no!

I've linked the title to an article that caught my attention today. Paul Tibbets is 90 years old. 60 years ago he piloted the B-29 which dropped the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima. He is still constantly asked if is ready to apologize - his response, according to the linked article

"Let the scholars argue, they say.

The crew of the Enola Gay has no regrets."

Nor should they. I do not think any of us can appreciate the feeling that swept the country during WWII. The entire country was involved, and that didn't mean just by watching the nightly news. Here on the homefront we had rationing, we had the draft, we had air raid drills. We were constantly reminded that we were at war. There were time that an invasion of our west coast was a possibility.

Consider this -- If Hitler had pushed, and been lucky, Germany would have had the technology to hit New York with an intercontinental Atomic-warhead equipped missle in 1945! We were fighting for our lives.

The Japanese had a limited time to dig in at Iwo Jima. 6,821 Americans died. 19,217 were wounded. The Japanese had a much longer time and a much larger work force to dig into their home island. The potential casualties are unimaginable.

Lets not forget, also

Bataan Death March, the Rape of Nanking, The Chinese women abducted into sexual slavery as "Comfort Women" for the troops, Germ Warfare experinents conducted agains the civilian population in northern China, Pow Brutality. The list is almost endless.

We were Justified.

Now as we look at the Islamofascist move to conquer the world, we seem to ignore history. They are on record as wanting Shariaa to be the base of law worldwide. The Islamofascists actually did something that the Japanese and Germans never could - they hit Mainland US successfully!

When a Congressman wonders, offhandidly, about the American response to a Nuclear attack against our homeland and suggests possible targets, the Left-wing media has a field day.

The only way to stop a fanatic-terrorist is to stop him permanently!