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Air America -- "First in, Last out"

In 1946 a group called Civil Air Transport (CAT) began operating in China and Korea. Their direct descendant, a group called Air America, were the last ones out of Southeast Asia after the fall of Saigon. From 1946 to 1976 CAT and Air America was involved in activities that no one was aware of in places that no one has ever heard of. Approx 87 personnel were killed in counterinsurgency operations. Airfields were built and manned with no publicity or public knowledge. MIssions were conducted which saved countless American lives with no publicity or public knowledge. They were the first ones into SEA and the last ones out. These people had a great deal to do with the successful ending of the Cold War.

Today the name Air America has another meaning. A group of "Hate America First" weasels are using the name to publicize their left wing radio network. In less than one year of operation they have already gotten themselves involved in a funding "situation" which involves Boys and Girls clubs in The Bronx.

While the story of Air America will probably not be fully known for many years, air america - the radio network is setting new records in trashing their own reputation.

I just wanted to mention that.