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There goes Hanoi Jane again!

Jane Fonda - the pride of the America-hating left has decided to "Come Out" (her words) and get involved in the Anti-Iraq war movement. She will be traveling across the country in her V egetable-Oil powered bus, selling her book and raising our national awareness about the dreadful things that we are doing to Muslims.

You know the Muslims that she is talking about - the ones who strap explosives to children and send them into busses and Pizza Parlors. The ones who flew airplanes into buildings killing 3,000 innocent people. The ones who blew up trains and busses in places like England and Spain. The ones who finance the families of the "martyrs" who murder Israeli children.

Since the Islamofascists do not have anti-aircraft guns, perhaps she'll pose with a Bomb-belt this time. Hopefully it'll go off and blow her head off. Do I sound angry?