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Geo. Washington the Terrorist?

I have seen some people comparing the founding fathers and the men who fought the British back in 1776 as an early version of today's Al'Queda. Interesting thought -- lets compare the two.

When the Continental Congress decided to resist the British, they formed an Army. The Army had Uniforms (AS best they could afford), Formed a recognizable chain of command and fought a war in the European fashion. They marched out in formation and slugged it out with the British. This is amazing when you look at the fact that a young Lt. George Washington watched the British Army get cut to ribbons by the French and Indians using "unfair" tactics some years earlier. The French and Indians actually hid in the woods and fought from cover. Indeed!

In his desire to form a recognized government, Washington had his men fight by European rules!

There are, in fact documented cases of surrendering soldiers being bayoneted and brutally killed. Unfortunately in the preponderance of cases the brutatlity was shown by the Hessians - German Mercenaries hired by the British. When Washington escaped from NYC just barely ahead of a far stronger British Army led by Gen. Howe - He left the city unharmed. He left the Tories unharmed.

When the Continental Congress declared our independence -- They said

" ... All men are created equal, in that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. Among them are Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"

Ok, my Loyal leftwing friends - how do these actions equate to bombing children?