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The 36th anniversary

36 years ago today, July 19, 1969, Edward (Teddy) Kennedy established his status as a great American Hero by leaving an aide to slowly drown in his car. This great American had already been thrown out of college for paying another person to take a Spanish test for him. He was denied a commission in the US Army for his lack of moral fiber.

We can now expect the three stooges of the Democratic party - Schumer, Leahy and Kennedy, to stand up and insist that the nominee for the Supreme court does not measure up.

From what I have read, Judge Roberts has said some things that I disagree with, however he has been quoted as saying:
When asked about his judicial philosophy by Chuck Schumer, Roberts responded:
My own judicial philosophy begins with an appreciation of the limited role of a judge in our system of divided powers. Judges are not to legislate and are not to execute the laws. . .


Hey- he has actually read the Constitution, the Real one, not the Picture-Book version.

Now, mere minutes after the President made the announcement, the democratic-attack machine is active - Judge Roberts has been called a fascist and a federalist (huh?)

Harry Reid is saying that the appointment of Judge Roberts is obviously an attempt by the President to deflect attention from Mr. Rove.

Who left the Loony-bin open?

One interesting point, This is a pre-recess appointment. If the mob gets ugly, then the President simply has the option of making this a recess appointment. Hmmm - I wonder if that occurred to him?