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A change of pace?

I found the above article fascinating. As a mathematician of sorts, I seem to be drawn to cosmology. However I freely admit that I have great trouble comprehending it. The author of the article seems to be on the same wavelength, and I yield to his intellect.

We live in a world of sight and sound (apologies to Rod Serling). How about a dog? A dog's sense of smell is as important to him (her?) as sight and sound are to us? What is Pooch's world like? Ocean mammals seem to have a sense based on a sonar-like ability. What is their world like? I admit I find this all intriguing.

However one thing that appeals to me is that the article stresses that the problems of the world today are solvable TECHNOLOGICALLY, not POLITICALLY. Technology has no embedded morality. It either works or it doesn't. Politics are based upon morality, and we have found that many people view morality differently.

Perhaps if we expanded our universe to look at the world technologically, rather than politically we might be moving in the correct direction??

Just my opinion.