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Is Journalistic Integrity an oxymoron?

Last week Newsweek printed the rumor that American interagators had flushed a copy of the Koran down a toilet. The rumor has proven false, but not until there was anti-American rioting throughout the middle east. Today Newsweek published an anemic 'semi-'apology. Their position was that the Pentagon did not take a strong stand against this being true, therefore they felt justified publishing it.

After the Rather-gate incident, the press suffered a black eye. Now the press has the other eye blackened.

CNN, that other paragon of journalism, had announced that the White House had forced Newsweek to print a retraction.

The thought of an American flushinga Koran down a toilet strikes me as much the same as Nazis forcing people to urinate on the Torah. If it had happened I would be demanding the punishment of those guilty.

But all indications are that IT DID NOT HAPPEN! IF it did, Senator Kennedy would have been dancing in the halls of Congress!

I have a link on my website to MSNBC.COM. I read it daily. I enjoy their coverage of the technological world. However MSNBC.COM also hosts Newsweek.

I am taking that link down today.