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I Blame Truman

Harry Truman has become a sacred cow to most Americans. He is that one Democrat who todays democrats are measured against. I gotta take a different stand on that one.

Truman's ego and MacArthur's ego clashed in Korea. Truman - being the Commander-in-Chief should have known better. There are a myriad of ways that he could have handled the bellicose general. He chose the worst way possible. He fired him.

MacArthur, being a warrior, wanted to fight the Korean war to win. Truman started us in that long and dangerous road using the banner of Measured Response. We found ourselves embroiled in the philosophy of using Just enough force to decide the confrontation but no more. After all we don't want to look like bullies.

That philosophy led to the stalemat in Korea, the disaster in Vietnam and clamour of today's left wing.

Reagen said "The only mistake we made in Vietnam was getting inot a war we didn't intend to win"

If we had gone into China as MacArthur had wanted we would (IHMO) have ended the Cold War a lot sooner and with a much smaller loss of life.

We are involved in a World War right now, whether we like it or not. Let's try and win this one?

I encourage those of your who disagree to do so!