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Mr. Owens, You're wrong.

I could be characterized as pro-life. I have a great deal of problems with the death penalty in all but the most abhorant situations. I do not believe that abortion should be used as a means of birth control. I believe that abortion should be available for the women who are victims of abuse rape, incest or when the mothers health is in danger as detemined by the woman and her doctor. When Governor Owens vetoed the bill that would require hospitals to inform rape victims about the 'Morning After' pill he made a grevious error.

If a woman is raped her choice may now be reduced to abortion or carrying to full term based on the hospital that the ambulance driver selects to take her to. That puts an unneeded moral delima on the back of a woman who is already a victim! The possible moral implications are profound. If a woman will not get the counseling that she needs in a time of crises, where is the incentive for her to report the crime?

Mr. Owens has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the Presidency. His history of imperious decisions disturb me. I have no doubt that he does have higher ambitions. However the governor has made his anti-higher-education feelings obvious by his previous actions. Now he comes out of somewhere else with this poor decision.

I am a Republican. My only hope is that either we put up a man with common sense or the Democrats find one. I cannot support the Governor in any way.

Howard Flomberg