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Is it time to redefine Femininsm?

Hillary Clinton, in a manner that I've never seen before, outmaneuvered "The Vice President Elect" and locked him in the clothes-closet, to be let out for weddings, funerals and bar-mitzvahs. For which, incidentally, I am grateful. While I have never been a Clinton fan, I begrudgingly admire her political ability.

Now. however, the press has two new targets - Ms. Palin and Ms. Kennedy.

Palin has been roundly criticized for comments that she did not make - Tina Fey (Elizabeth Stamatina Fey) made them. Tina Fey made the comment about seeing Russia from her front porch, or some-thing. Meanwhile the President Elect has visited almost all of our 57 states. Yes she does need some polish before she hits the national scene again. She also needs advisers who do not owe their allegiance to someone else!

Now, on the other frontier (sorry, I couldn't resist it) we have Caroline Kennedy. This un-glib, soft spoken lady has become a target as well. Like Sarah Palin, She had a disastrous interview and does need some polish, however according to many people that I respect she has a mind like a steel trap. Her knowledge and understanding of the constitution is awesome. If she has half of the grit and moxie of either of her parents that is sufficient.

There you have it - three women who are the future of American Politics. Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and Caroline Kennedy. They are going to rewrite the book on our form of government!

In my humble opinion - It's about time!