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Worth Repeating!

Reading the news these days is an excersize in futility. The world has turned upside down.

Israel gave back Gaza to the "Palestinians". They reciprocated by starting a never-ending stream of rockets being launched at ISRAEL. Now after kidnapping and murdering Israelis, The MSM is reporting on how the poor little Pali children are frightened by the big bad Israeli tanks. All they had to do was leave Israel alone -- But that is too much to ask, I guess.

Now our loyal(?) opposition is telling us that the war in Iraq is an unfortunate move, we shouldn't have been there - After all Saddam Hussein wasn't all THAT bad.

Anyone who doesn't realize that Al-Queda, Hamas, the various and sundry Jihadi groups are all committed to he same goal is a fool. They want the imposition of Sharia through out the world. They hate the United States and Israel. We are at war for our lives. This IS NOT A NEW PHENOMENA _ Remember where the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem spent WWII? He was a guest of Hitler. Anti-antisemitism is an old story there. Peace is an anathema to them. A Neville Chamberlain approach did not work in the 30's. It won't work today.

The Iraqi's MUST be supported. Iran must be pacified and the regime dumped. Somalia must be taken care of. If we do not do that we will see blood shed here in the United States (G-d forbid). We will see Korean ICBM's tipped with Iranian bombs striking our homes.

The United States was found on a two party system. Unfortunately the Democratic party is divided as to whether it prefers suicide or treason. The party of Truman, JFK and FDR is gone. We now have a foolish former president from Georgia running around the world making a fool of himself. We have Teddy Kennedy, the brother of a great President displaying total lunacy.

When Cornwallis surrendered to Washington to end the American Revolution, his band played an old English drinking song -- The World Turned Upside Down. I wonder if we need to get the sheet music?