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The Reverand Mr. Wright

OK, I think I've got it figured out. The reverend Mr. Wright is a love child of Archie Bunker and Fred Sanford. No, really.

At first I was listening to the "god Damn America" and the "Amerikkka" stuff incredulously. I mean, how could any Wright-headed person make these statements? Yes over 150 years ago some very evil stuff happened. There is no question about that, but today? Give it a break.

Then more information hit the air waves. Mrs. Obama let us know that White Greed is the devils spawn. Obama himself , speaking for his fathers family, reminded us how unfair the country was. After all - he, and his wife, had to suffer through that Ivy-League education with all that melanin pigment.

Then it started to make sense to me - I can imagine Obama, in the car after Sunday services, talking to his friends over the cell phone, laughing at "He said what?" "No, really" After all the cartoons are on Saturday morning, what humor is there on TV on Sunday Morning other than the talk shows? It Had to be a joke, Wright?

All seriousness aside, Reverend Wright, you are a ... what's the word ... No it's coming to me.

Reverend Wright - you are a Yutz. (Google the word Yutz, please)