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Why am I voting for McCain?

I've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks. I had myself ready to vote for romney. I felt it was a matter of Heart (McCain) vs. Head (Romney). Well Romney is out of the race and it's eith McCain, Huck, or Paul. I will Support McCain.

I read a long coliumn written by Ann Coulter this morning - (Go to Coulter .com). Her feeling is that 4 years of Hillary will totally energize the party to come back and we will once again rule! I find Ms. Coulter 's acerbic wit magnificant, gotta disagree with her now.

I think that the war on terror is the most critical item since the end of WWII. John McCain has the Courage to stand up to anyone - and this has been proven. He has stood up to the North Vietnamese. He stood up to his own party when he felt it appropriate.

I do disagree with him on many issues, but the War is the most important one. The Archbishop of Canterbury has thrown in the towel, Most of Europe is fighting for its life. I refuse to go quietly back to the 14th Century.

Hillary is a socialist. She believes in redistribution of wealth. She has said it many times. Our society is based on INCENTIVE! If you remove incentive, we become a pale version of Europe. I don't think we have to get down into the dirt on Hillary, The political philosophy is enough to dissuade me.

I've yet to hear anything specific from Obama. He is (in my opinion) all image and no depth. Again IMHO, If Obama is elected we go another 4 years without a president. We are still recovering from President Carter's lack of ability.

So,my friends it comes down to one man - Senator McCain.

I will support the man - I will work for the man.