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Is Obama the new JFK? Pshaw

OK, similarities:

Both are/were excellent oraters
Both went to Harvard
Both are/were Senators
Both Have/had lovely wives
Both are/were considered extremely handsome

Ok, Differences:

JFK was a bona fide war hero, Obama never served
JFK was a strong Anti-Communist - Obama stood up against any military intervention after 9/11
JFK was a fiscal conservative - Witness his Tax Cut, one of the most effective in history
OBAMA Repeats the tired old saw - Tax Cuts for the Rich and will returnus the the Pre-Bush taxation levels

Many of 'us' conservative republicans started out as JFK Liberals. We did not change our political philosophy, but to poorly quote Ronald Reagan - We didn't leave the party, the party left us.

Let's evaluate Obama on his record, or lack thereof. He is NOT a reincarnation of JFK.