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McCain or Romney?

First of all as a free-market conservative I could never vote for a socialist like Clinton. I do not think that Obama has much besides style. Granted he DOES have style - perhaps after a few terms in the Senate?

Listening to Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter I am amazed at the invectives that they are throwing at McCain. I would vote for Ron Paul (shudder) before I voted for Clinton. My Liberal friends love to level THE QUESTION at me -- "Don't you think a woman can be president?" My stock answer is "Yes. but not that woman." I will vote for McCain if he get the nomination and here's why:

The most critical issue facing us today is Islamic Terrorism. This war is fundamental to our survival as a culture. McCain is a natural as a War-President. I do not care for the other baggage that he carries. I do not like the McCain-whomever bills that he co-sponsored, however all is moot if we lose this war.

Romney is an excellent administrator. I would vote for him in a heartbeat. I think he will be an excellent president, but one thing, Governor if you do win, in your cabinet:

VP - Lieberman (Really!)
Defense - McCain
Att. Genl - Guiliani
State - Bolton
Postmaster General (IS that still a cabinet post?) Kennedy (Get him out of the senate and put him somewhere where he can be harmless)

Then just sit back and run the government!