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Thugary, plain and simple thugary

In September, 2005, Israel pulled out of Gaza. Peace in our time reigned supreme, for a minute or two. The usual lawless thugs raped anything of value. Synagogues that were left, Greenhouses that were left. anything that could have helped build a productive economy was stripped by crowds of thugs. They thanked Israel by sending rockets across the border, Iranian and Syrian Rockets, aimed at civilians.

Now the Mainstream media glories in the plight of the poor Gazan's. They are oppressed by Israel's refusal to give them water, power and medicines. All because of a minor yet steady stream of Rockets aimed at Isreali civilians.

Now Hamas thugs have bulldozed down a fence seperating them from Egypt and stream across the border.

Giving in to tyrants and thugs has never worked. I didn't work for Neville Chamberline. It doesn't work today.

So lets go back to the pre-67 borders. The Gaza Strip -well that was Egypt, The West Bank -- That was Jordan. SO where was Palestine? It didn't exist. The Palestinians want their land back -- well, they sold the mosquito-laden malarial swampland to Jews back when the Brits were stuck with the Middle East problem. The Jews drained the swamps and made the land productive. The Pali's SOLD it to the Jews. Now that it is productive, they want it back.

So when the main stream media shows us pictures of poor Palestinians stealing food - they are thugs. They've never had to work and they hope they never will.

WWACD - What would Ann Coulter do?