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OK, Who gets the credit for Civil Rights reform

Thanks to Democratic candidates, Obama and Clinton, The Civil Rights act is the latest political football. Well - lets see how I remember it, I was there.
  1. President Eisenhower federalized the National Guard to insure that black students could go to school in 1956
  2. Some extremely courageous people sat in busses and lunch counters, risking their lives to publicize the movement
  3. Bobby Kennedy got behind the Civil Rights movement and got his brother John involved.
  4. Lots of kids started getting involved, including three, Goodman, Chaney and Schwerner, Two jewish kids and one Black kid. They were brutally murdered in Philadelphia Mississippi. I went to school with Andy Goodman 
  5. President Lyndon Johnson, who had a history of being for civil rights got the legislation through, over the protests of the congressional Democrats including Senator Robert KKK Byrd.
  6. Martin Luther King, Jr was a prominent  leader in the struggle
  7. Even little Sammy Davis, Jr. Stared down Alabama Sheriff Bull Conner in  Selma Alabama
  8. Ministers, Priests and Rabbis marched arm in arm, repeatedly
And the List goes on. Look, Obama and Hillary. The Civil Rights act  got through because it was an idea whose time had come.  Most of the nation made it happen. A lot of innocent folk died, were beaten and attacked by police dogs in the struggle. Get your heads out. find something else to argue about. Too much American blood was spilled in this one for you to use it to your own advantage.