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Huckabee? - Flomblog is back

Most of the Republican candidates want us to look at their accomplishments or their ideas. Romney is telling me, quite successfully, look at my personalvalues. Rudy is telling me, again quite successfully - I made personal mistakes, but look what I accomplished. McCain, IMHO, owes nobody any justification, he's proven his values and courage. However Huckabee seems to be taking a different tack.

If you've read my blog before you know that I'm Jewish. I have written of my affection for the American Christian. I've told you that in my opinion, it is because of the American Christian, Jews have more freedom than ever in history. I am using the word Christian inclusively and with respect.

Huckabee however seems to be using the name Christ, not as the anchor for his personal faith, but as a weapon. I have seen his commercials and heard his remarks. I fear that he is using his version of Christianity as a cover for Antisemitism and exclusionism..

We need to start listening to each other. And we need to listen to Mr. Huckabee and the folks that seem to cluster around him.