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Damn, we're in trouble

I did not watch the debate last night, I had to teach a  class. However I listened to the talkers and read the websites. What I heard and read scares the heck out of me.

Lines like Human Rights are more important than national security
A wimp-host
Obama totally folding
Kucinich crying - hey it's my turn

But what bothers me the most is Clinton. She was obviously the most presidential of the lot. Although Biden did look quite good. But Clinton is a socialist. I'm not going to get into all of the nasties about the lady - she's a socialist. I'm a capitalist. Our nation was founded on a capitalist platform.  

For that reason alone I can never support Clinton. I do not (NOT) approve or want redistribution of wealth, and I ain't wealthy by a long shot. If we destroy incentive we're in deep poo.

Why can't the Democratic Party go back to it's roots. They need a person like Humphrey, Scoop Jackson, even (shudder) Truman.  The party kicked out it's best person - Leiberman.

I can understand an honest Liberal. I may not agree, but that's life. A socialist is just pushing us over the edge.

So, through gritted teeth and massive dissatisfaction I say ... Biden.