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This one really bothers me

I know that I'm going to annoy all of my conservative friends, but the old Kennedy Democrat in me seems to be surfacing.
In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) I view the immigration problem as two seperate problems. I mean Jack Kennedy, not the disgraceful youngest brother.

1. Security - We have not only the right, but the obligation to protect our borders. Of the morons who were going to murder our GI's in Fort Dix, I believe three were here illegally. We have the obligation to find these people and punish them. Anchor babies just add to the problem. The law that was meant to solve problems after the Civil War needs to be dropped. However as Laura Ingraham says -- Here comes the But-Monkey

2. We are a nation of immigrants - I know that you've heard that before, but hear me out. During WWII we turned away Jews who were escaping Hitler. They wound up in his ovens. We have been sending Cubans back to that Island Jail. My own father-in-law jumped ship (he was a waiter on a cruise ship) and came here illegally. He had the opportunity to legalize his entry because he was a hard working family man. Grab a history book and read up on the unfair legislation that was used against Asian immigration. The ones who are suffering are basically hard working people.

The Language Problem doesnt exist. When I was young, New York's Lower East Side was heavily immigrant Jewish. Yiddish language signs proliferated. My grandparents spoke Yiddish. There were Yiddish Language radio stations. How did this eventually resolve itself? The answer is simple. Take an immigrant, give him and American education and poof! you now have an American.

The real danger is the PC Police that demand that we be culturally aware.

If a person braves horrid danger to bring his family; If a person wortks long hard hours at a low paid job; If a person obeys the laws of the land (OK other than being an illegal immigrant), THen we want that person and that family.

However if an Immigrant steals, hurts people or deals in unlawful substances, Then invoke the most stringent penalties.

When I got a bit older New York had a "Puerto Rican Problem." Puerto Ricans were everywhere, they refused to speak english, all their kids were hoods, ... etc. Today, if you walk through New York City - you'll wonder what happened to that problem. The American Dream solved that problem as it did the Jewish problem, the Irish problem, the Italian problem, etc. My friends - the American Dream still works. For that I thank G-d.