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My two cents - International Law

A law is only effective if it can be enforced. So, tell me - who enforces International Law? We are told that the war in Iraq is an illegal war. Uh - Congress gave its approval. Even John Kerry voted for it (before he voted against it).

All wars are illegal to some extent - In wars innocent people die. That has been true since the week after Cain killed Abel. Sometimes, however they are neccessary.OK, perhaps the "Football War" between San Salvadore and Honduras wasn't that neccessary, but that is the exception that proves the rule.

Oh yes, The Muslimorans are using Chlorine Gas as a weapon. They got it from some leftover shells from Saddam. Hmmm Gas is a WMD, isn't it?

BAck to my original premise. When asked about the Vietnam war, President Reagan said that the only mistake that we made was getting into a war that we didn't intend to win. Are we now making the same mistake? Or are we going to follow International Law?