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I am very sad today. My cousin Irwin passed on. Irwin was the eldest of my generation. Actually he was the eldest in the family. Let me share a bit of Irwin's life.

When Irwin was young he was diagnosed as "retarded". In the 1950's, this word was whispered. It was viewed as a shame on the family. Today he would have been mainstreamed and had a totally normal life. His problems were actually quite slight, but as I said, This was the 1950's.

Irwin was a delightful man. He lived on his own. He thrived on playing uncle to his brothers children. He always workd productively. And he loved me. Irwin was a simple person. He took life as it came and did the best with it.

Irwin was a special man. I mean special, not in that PC term, but in the actual meaning of the word. I have no doubt that his soul was a blessedl soul and is with G-d.

Please say a prayer for Irwin Flomberg. He was a better man than most of us.