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Denver, Colorado, United States
I'm a Vietnam Vet, Retired Mainframe Programmer, Retired College Adjunct Teacher, Published Author, Adult Boy Scout Leader, Republican, Jewish, married with two magnificent grown kids.

Here's an idea

1. we pull all of our troops out of every country in the world
2. We publish a list of our allies
3. We warn the world that any attack, of any kind, against one of our allies will be dealt with harshly
4. If a nation, ANY nation decides to go nuclear - we help them out - we ship them a few, via B2 or B52.
5. When someone attacks one of our allies - we show them what happened to Tokyo and Dresden during WII - No nukes, we don't need 'em.
6. If someone attacks us they are turned into a glassy spot.
7. We then invite countries to be our allies - and live by our rules.

The results -- Pax Americana