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President Ford

This has been a tough week, We lost two men James Brown and Gerald Ford. One a great musician, the other simply a great man.

I vividly remember President Ford. He was chosen to replace Spiro Agnew as VP sparing us a scandelous investigation. When President Nixon resigned, President Ford stepped in.

History will be consistantly moving President Ford up the ladder of great Presidents.

1. The Pardon. It had to be done. He knew he was signing the death warrant for his political career, yet he did it.
2. Mayaguez. When the Khmer Rouge, Cambodian Communists, seized the American ship, the Mayaguez, President Ford took immediate and decisive action. This was an act that his successor, Mr. Carter, was unable to understand.

President Ford did not ask for the job. He was given it and he did his best. May I add that is an epitaph that I would relish.

Rest in Peace, Mr. President