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The Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize - the worlds most celebrated guilt trip, was started by Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite. True to form the prize - or rather its recipients have been explosive. Some of the winners have been as notable as Yasser Arafat. Yesterday I had a major attack of revulsion when Our own American Little Miss Sunshine woke up from her own little porta-ghetto, Camp Casey, Cindy "mother" Sheehan announced that she was a finalist for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Bear in mind, on occasion, the Norwegians actually do give the prize to someone honorable - Mother Theresa for example. Well they've done it again!

This years Nobel Peace Prize was given to Bangladesh's Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank. These to people started a bank which gives out "micro-loans" which enable the impoverished to work their way of of poverty, bringing other with them.

The committee chairman, Ole Mjoes said:
...the bank's work in creating opportunities for large numbers of people to get out of poverty created the conditions for sustainable peace.

"Development such as this is useful in human rights and democracy,"
This is what it's about - not giving handouts, instead enabling people to work their way out of poverty.

Well Done!