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In defense of Michelle Malkin

Go to Michellemalkin.com - I link to it over on the left. Read her stuff. You may disagree with her. However she just writes what she thinks and lets the entire world know her opinion. Is that a problem? Have we gotten so paranoid as a society that we must try and silence those with whom we disagree?

Michelle Malkin has frequently been a target of obscene racist taunts. The latest of which is an obviously photoshopped picture of her head on another womaqns body. The picture is crudely done at best. When Ms. Malkin protested she was subjected to more abuse.

Ms. Malkin, if you read this - The Flomblog will always back your right to speak the truth. I find your sense of humor and keen intelect a glass of water in a vast desert of inanity.

Keep it up.

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