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Where are the Jewish Terrorists?

On September 1, an Orthodox Jewish man was removed from an Air Canada aircraft for the unpardonable sin of praying. The man, a Chadisic Jew, was praying with "Some sort of cover over his head", he was reading from a "Book" and "he was lurching back and forth"

A Chasidic Jew is a follower of the Jewish philosophy that believs that Torah, or first five book of the bible, are the litteral word of G-d. In addition they also read a book called the Zohar - the source of Kaballistic learning. (And I'm NOT talking about Madonna's version). These are people who are extremely devout. BTW - they also rock back and forth as the pray.

Why do I bring this to your attention, dear reader? The only reference that I found was a link from Drudge to the above article. I did not see that item in any other news source. Now let's pretend that the man was a devout Muslim praying on the plane and was ejected. All three networks would have lead with the story. There might have been riots in Muslim countries. Instead, the Airline apologized, the man accepted the apology and got on the next plane.

The Left-wing-Islamofascist-Apologists insist that there is a ethical and moral equivalence between the orthodox of all three religions, Judaism, Islam and Christianity. When Iran had a contest for the "Best" anti-semitic cartoon and received 1200 entries, how many Jews went on the rampage and destroyed Muslim homes? When a valid comparison between the excesses of Islam and Christianity- the best example that can be made is the Inquisition - an 500 year old incident or the Crusades, which happened even further back. O)h yes the Jewish Terrorist. During the war for indepoendance -in 1948 - a group of Jewish Radicals blew up the King David Hotel. This was terrorism at its worst. However most Jews rallied against the act as an affront to what Judiasm stands for.

There is no moral equivalency.